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HEKOMATIC® is a service provider in the field of pneumatic components and sales partner for well-known pneumatic system manufacturers. HEKOMATIC® is thus your expert for compressed air systems and your competent contact for all-in solutions, assemblies and special solutions.

HEKOMATIC® was founded in 1985, and offers a comprehensive spectrum of experience and specialist knowledge.

HEKOMATIC® customers come for example from the food industry, medical technology, plant engineering and machine construction, marine engineering, the automobile industry as well as aviation and aerospace technology.

The online shop with approx. 300,000 articles and and a 24-hour delivery service offers innovative working and even faster order processing.

A personal and individual advisory service has top priority for HEKOMATIC®. The staff do everything to satisfy customers' wishes and needs. This leads to trust and reliability, fairness and contacts that last for many years.

This is what HEKOMATIC® stands for.